31 Jan 2009



I have had an eciting last few weeks, I traveled all the way from charlotte NC to vail calorado. This is my first time out west skiing and my first time at 8000 feet. The first day skiing I had a lesson and it was extrodinary! I have had a great time and I hope you will come out here too.

20 Nov 2008



I have not been updating often, in fact I have not been on the blog at all for a long time.
I have been watching the electric car and I am amazed that these car companies (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) are asking the government for any money at all! They cannot be spending all that money on making an electric car. Cars can easily be converted into all electric with a simple addition of some large battery’s. What that cost, maybe a couple hundred dollars. As far as I can tell these car companies are just wasting there money away on tons of commercials.
Electric car

15 Jul 2008

About wrightstaion


Wrightstation is a place where I wright about the lastest and greatest things in my life. My hobbys include architecture and exotic and fast cars like the one below.


I tend to dream about having  expensive and fast cars and I often look on the internet for pictures of my future car. I also combine my 2 hobbys and try to design my own car. Sometimes I come up with the most crazy cars like this one.